How does a VPN help me?

A VPN is a multi-purpose digital survival tool. You can use your VPN to:

• Hide your real IP address and surf the web with added privacy.
• Protect your confidential information (such as online banking credentials or social media passwords) through VPN encryption.
• Unblock and access your favorite websites and social media platforms.
• Stream and download anything securely, anonymously, and with no limits.

How to change server?

To choose a different server, tap ••• More icon. to browse more VPN server.

What is Smart Location?

Kill VPN’s Smart Location feature automatically picks the VPN server location that provides the optimal experience for you using metrics such as download speed, latency, and distance.

You are recommended to use Smart Location if you:

• Want a secure and private connection.
• Want to get faster speeds. (You can also get faster speeds by connecting to a VPN location closest to your physical location).
• Do not have a location preference.

Select which apps use VPN

By default, Kill VPN routes all traffic through the VPN. However, you may configure the split-tunneling settings so that only selected apps use the VPN.

To access your split-tunneling settings, tap Option/Settings/Split Tunneling.

To decide which of your apps will use the VPN, select Only allow selected apps to use the VPN. Under ADD APPS, select the apps you want to apply VPN protection to.

Note: If you enabled “Block non-VPN traffic” in your Android system settings, only the apps you select through this menu will be able to use the internet. All other apps will be permanently blocked unless you add them to this list.

If you select Do not allow selected apps to use the VPN, apps selected under ADD APPS will not receive VPN protection.

Is it possible to have a static IP?

Yes, you order a static IP from your agent and after some time your server will be added to the list of servers in the Static IP category.


• Select the connection to the desired country.

• Choose the number of connections.

• Protocol selection.


How can I recharge my VPN account?

The possibility of buying a new account and charging VPN is possible only through the agency.

How many users can login with my VPN account?

By default, all VPN accounts have 2 users.

Is it possible to remove another user from my VPN account?

Yes, if you are the admin user (the first logged in account), you can click on allowed devices from the account menu and remove it from the system by selecting other accounts.


Why should I update the app?

By updating the application, identified bugs will be fixed and new features will be added.

How to update the application?

To check if you have new update for your application, Option/About.

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